Document a process

Why should you create one?

Its a necessary step to getting your idea out on the market.

The greatest benefit of creating a business process template is that you just need to remember you created one in the first place 🙂

While we each have our own unique methods to undertaking a project, real estate purchase, business or investment but the framework should remain fairly simple and constant.

Sure, if you have a razor sharp memory and have no problem sparing the brain cells to do so, have at it. However, if you enjoy giving your mind the ability to focus, wander and create, think about getting that process down.

Here are some examples within a business process you should consider developing a process for various business processes.

  • Document a process to start a business
  • Document a process to validate a business idea
  • Document a process to create PPC ads
  • Document a process to create landing pages to drive e-mail registrations
  • Document a process to acquire and onboard new clients

You see here that you can get as granular or detailed as possible. Think of it as highlighting notes when you read a book or study for an exam.

The biggest benefit we found is that we are able to quickly bring employees or contractors up to speed with items we need accomplished.

Gives you and your company room to grow

Here is a prime example by a customer of ours (with their permission of course)…

Data entry is sometimes an intricate and necessary process for Odegee Data that can take away from it’s larger growth and vision. Work is occasionally outsourced when employee workload is at capacity or the focus is on larger projects.

The issue is that they are not always able to use the same contractors for work (being they are unable to do the work in a timely fashion or some other reason) and they need to get someone else very quickly.

Rather than spend hours educating and showing examples of the work, they are able to document the process 1 time and quickly share the work in detail to a new contractor. They are able to avoid language barriers, saving hours of back and forth.

Creating a process ONCE means we can quickly bring new employees or contractors up to speed in minutes…

Odegee Data

Focus on what works & eliminate what doesn’t

Continuing with our example, Odegee’s biggest success driver is the ability to help their clientele create processes for their clients. It is an add on bonus, but their clients find it extremely valuable.

The clients are than able to adapt, adjust, add or subtract anything within it that doesn’t fit their style or model .

At the same time, their staff can avoid duplicating or need to re-explain processes and workflows to each other.

They typically meet once every month to discuss process updates and to note what needs to be changed to make improvements.

The result?

Revenue is up 34% so far in 2021 since improving various business development processes.

Free up time to focus on other items

This is a chart we frequently reference and how much time goes into these very soul sucking activities.

Reduce 7 phone calls about a project into 0

Reduce 10 email chains about a project into 0

Catch my drift?

Think about how your newfound energy can be used to take on projects that result in revenue growth, expansion and employee satisfaction.

Allow others to take the initiative

You may have years of experience, knowledge and ability.

However, it should never be a surprise when someone else with less teach you something new.

Creating the foundation or template for others, creates inspiration, creativity and new ideas. Give others the ability to do so and you will be paid back 10x day after day.


Think of all the things you could be doing, creating or pursuing with your new found time with a very small time and money investment.

That’s all we have to say on this.

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