Documenting processes and workflows sucks…

You know what is even worse?

Repeating something OVER and OVER again, repeating and making new mistakes with no clear avenue to duplicate success.

Like anything else in this world, discipline is freedom. It separates the successful from the lazy.

Document a process and it gives you the chance to succeed faster by not having to guess what you did once before.

Here are some example users have used StackdUp to document:

You see here that you can get as granular or detailed as possible. Think of it as highlighting notes when you read a book or study for an exam.

You keep and document the points that stick out the most so you will never have to remember them again, only that you have a location where you can access them simply and quickly.

Spending 5 minutes documenting a tedious, instruction riddled workflow will save HOURS of fumbling over repeating it!

Reduce or eliminate distractions

Having the ability to reference a process you created helps eliminate the fluff and waste that commonly treads any of the above mentioned processes.

Think about how long one of these would take to do on its own, now think about what you will remember and most likely not remember a few months later?

Do you catch my drift?

No reason to bash your head against the wall day after day. 

Want to know how much time spend on repetitive tasks globally.

4.5 Hours or about 10% of a standard work week.

Get others to be on the same page as you

One thing we have learned time and time again is that we are not mind readers nor are we telepathic (maybe one day according to X-Files)

For now, we need to dictate clear, concise and simple instructions that help others perform the same tasks and fulfill the same mission we hold so dearly in our brains.

However, this is normally a PAINFULLY excruciating undertaking that comes in the form of horrible or non-existent communication and then results in poor employee experiences and high turnover.

Collaboration strengthens communication and ideas

You don’t have to go in it alone. Focus on each other’s strengths, identify each other’s weak points then either delegate those or work on them together.

Ask your team and colleagues for advice, what they want to see improved process wise and what their biggest headaches are during the day. I guarantee 1 of the top 3 include repeating tasks or not having enough autonomy or clear instructions.

Incentivizing employees or colleagues to create workflows and document processing will help keep supervisors and bosses focused on the bigger picture and employees happy that they are not micromanaged.


Is process and workflow documenting fun to do or implement?


That is why we created THE SIMPLEST platform out there for you and your employees to use.

Never will you have to clunk around with saturated software with too many unnecessary features or antiquated document processes.

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